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Archive for April 2011

The Royal Wedding and Fred Tuttle

It was a glorious, happy day for England when the handsome Prince William and the winsome Kate Middleton exchanged vows on a beautiful London day and led a colorful and happy procession to Buckingham Palace and a quick kiss on the balcony. The beautiful flag, the red uniforms, horses and carriages, the Lancaster bomber and…

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American C.E.O.’s Make Out. Oh Do They Ever!

One week ago the Sunday New York Times published an interesting report headlined The Drought Is over (At least for C.E.O.’s), written by Daniel Costello. Think the C.E.O.’s made too much in 2009? It’s worse in 2010. One of the biggest scams America has ever seen continues to grow. Corporations can set whatever fee they…

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Journalistic Self-Entitlement—A Matter of Ethics?

One week ago today (which is Sunday, April 17) the Times Argus of Barre had a front-page article on embezzlement in the state of Vermont. It carried on for a half page on page 4 and was written by Brent Curtis, a staff writer. It did not mention a long article seen on, an…

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The Gourmet Butcher

So we all know about how fuel oil and gas is decimating our love of country living in a harsh climate and many are well aware of the cost of hamburger, pork and steak at the chain grocery stores. Now here’s something else you can do to alleviate the pain and go native: do your own…

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