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Archive for September 2011

The World Trade Towers: Memories of a Photographer

September 11, 2001. Colbyville, Vermont.  333 miles north of Manhattan. “Something awful has happened! An airplane hit one of the Trade Towers!” yelled a friend through the darkroom door. I was making prints for a book on Vermont farm women I rushed upstairs and watched the Trade Tower burning. Then I saw the other plane…

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Irene, Goodnight, Irene. Hope I never see you again.

Waterbury, Vermont. September 1 I knew souhern Vermont was going to be hit when I saw the forecast of rain. Here seemed tranquil. On Sunday, the day the hurricane arrived, there was a wind of about 20 to 30 mph and rain was constant, although never pelting. I placed a bucket on the porch and…

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