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Archive for November 2016

Remembering Fred Tuttle

  It gives me succor to remember Fred Tuttle and the era in which he was the farmer-elect in the movie by John O’brien: The Man with the Plan. Fred died 13 years ago, give or take a few months. He made us laugh and we loved him for what he was, a simple farmer who…

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From the Gonzo Chef

FROM THE GONZO CHEF: Apple Pie à La Bridge on the River Kwai. It’s that time of year and after the second frost I pick the Macs and Braeburns, skin them with my old red Rube Goldberg peeler. Out comes my dinged Chinese cleaver and I slice the flesh neat. The Joy of Cooking is…

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Hatred. Violence. Fear

  Midnight, 8 November. Stars so bright overhead, the big dipper low on the horizon. A frost layed down coating of ice on the deck railing. A black night save for the hope lit in the stars. It is election day and there is a clenching in my body as if I chugalugged a bottle…

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I Walk in Beauty

That’s my mantra, part of a beautiful poem of the Navajo people. One walk this fall snatched  that experience. I posted it on Facebook, but thought it should be here… Some think I’m a good photographer but what I really have is an eye for the weather. Couple of weeks ago, in the afternoon, I noticed a…

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Oh My God, Stick Season is Here!

Sunday. Oct. 30 2016. I’m in Connecticut taking a short break and updating a photograph of my friend Gretchen. Seven years ago she had tumors in both breasts and had a mastectomy which left a bunch of scars. She lost her hair due to chemotherapy and as you can see, she didn’t look her best. Well, with…

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