Finally! Vanishing Vermonters…Loss of a Rural Culture is Out, in my hands and being Shipped!

Glory be!. After two months the printer and binder finished their job and Vanishing Vermonters is in my hands. Wow! I received the first copies on Friday Oct. 6 and immediately delivered 200 to bookstores that ordered early and now I am in the process of mailing out 93 books to Kickstarter donors who requested the gift of the soft cover (you 33 who ordered the hardcover, that beautiful book will be sent next week if they keep their promise of finishing the binding.)

I started this book in the late summer of 2015. So many Vermonters read my comments on changes in Vermont since I took my first photograph of a Vermonter in 1950 to 2015, when I published A Lifetime of Vermont People. I received emails, visits and letters from Vermonters who couldn’t afford to live in Vermont due to the high cost of taxes and energy. Some sold, some couldn’t find a buyer. One visitor said he felt violent due to the onus of permits and taxes. Another told me he cried after reading my book and realizing how much we have lost as Vermont loses its culture. Well, here it is:

ISBN:  Hard Cover 978-0-9749890-1-3.          Soft Cover: 978-0-9749890-8-2

Size: 8 1/2 x 11 inches oblong. 168 pages. 91 duotone photographs. 23 interviews with rural Vermonters.

Cost: Hard Cover: $44.95.  Soft Cover: 24.95

Available in Independent bookstores and directly from my website (Vermonters include 6% sales tax but shipping is free). Use Pay Pal, a credit card, or send a check to Peter Miller, Vanishing Vermonters, 20 Crossroad, Waterbury, VT 05676.

This book is different. The photos are more realistic than pretty, the interviews are about what rural Vermonters like and dislike about our government and also the sadness they feel at losing our rural culture.

I think it is an important book as  the rural Vermonter is, well…ignored might be the best word…by our government.Vanishing Vermonter cover












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  1. John Hadden on October 14, 2017 at 3:40 pm

    Great to finally have the books on-hand Peter! ‘Tis been a long road indeed!
    Cheers, John

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