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Peter’s Squashed Gallery


A year and a half I spent, in a fury of concentration, creating Vanishing Vermonters. Some say it is my best book, more journalistic then documentary. I don’t care, I’m relieved that it is a postpartum factoid.  It pales about what I have to say: **************** What matters, in this harsh year, what  stabbed my…

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Projects, Projects, Projects!

Another nasty winter, our collective Vermont souls were desolated by the lack of snow, beauty replaced by a grey wasteland of frozen earth, again a roller coaster of temperature swings, and a new precaution many Vermonters practice–a pair of boots (often insulated Muck boots) equipped with cleats or small metal coils (they do not puncture…

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Peter Miller’s Squashed Gallery Sale

  You slide down the ladder, bump on the ground and there you are—whacked. Happens. So then you get up and hope the joints work. Yes, that’s me, Peter Miller. So I have been Vermont Broke. The photography business internationally is in the dumps, thanks to some greedy CEO’s in the stock photo business. The digital…

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    Yep, I’m it again, this time with an opening of my reinvented gallery next to my new Airbnb. October 16 is our opening so come along: Photographer and author Peter Miller has reinvented his Waterbury gallery. Renamed The Squashed Gallery, photographs hang in rough formations on all walls. Miller’s award-winning books are also…

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