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Archive for December 2010

Kodachrome dies, Photography is Dead

“Mama, Don’t take my Kodachrome away”…from the song Kodachrome, sung  in 1973 by Paul Simon Today, Thursday, December 30, in Dwayne ‘s Photo in Parson, Kansas, the very last of the Kodachrome films will be processed. It was developed in 1935 and existed for 75 years, one year shorter than my life span. It was…

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HGTV Dream Home is right at home in Stowe, Vermont

HGTV—Home and Garden TV— is the leader in home and lifestyle programming, which means they distribute their show to 99 million households. Not only that, their website attracts 5 million visitors per month.  So they created their latest dream house in Stowe, Vermont, a small town in a small state (population, 621,000). Yes, but Vermont…

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Book Review Nothing Hardly Every Happens in Colbyville, Vermont

Author: Peter Miller By Scott Broderick Very few know that Vermont photographer Peter Miller is also a talented writer. Those who carefully read his Vermont Trilogy (Vermont People, Vermont Farm Women and Vermont Gathering Places) knew he could craft words but his ability stands out starkly inNothing Hardly Ever Happens in Colbyville, Vermont – a…

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A letter to Governor Shumlin: Hey Guv, give us artists a helping hand!

Governor Peter Shumlin 109 State Street Pavilion Montpelier, VT. 05609 Dear Governor Shumlin: Now that our state has received funds from the federal government to create jobs and a comfortable economic climate, I would like you to consider a group of Vermonters that perennially receive very little help—people who use their creativity to make a…

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