I recently purchased 20 pounds of  True Value Wild Bird Seed. It was inexpensive, about $4.50 a bag. The mix is mostly the color of corn, with small seeds, yellow chips and a scattering of  sunflower.  It is fortified with calcium carbonate, vitamin A and D3 supplement.

The bag states that the product is 8% protein, 3% fat, 6% crude fiber and 12% moisture.

My birds won’t feed on it. I understand that my chickadees prefer black sunflower seeds but in the middle of winter and during this awful recession, you take what’s offered and do a dozy-do.

The bird feeder with the True Value mix has been up for two weeks and is still full. I did spread some seed on the deck for the resident red squirrel and he or she also disdained the offering, and also gave me a scolding.

I have no idea why my friends show such disdain for my food kitchen special.



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