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Archive for February 2011

An Old Fashioned Vermont Winter

Monday, Washington’s Birthday. I just heard about a flack boasting about the great skiing up at Mt. Mansfield in Stowe and how much snow they have, etc, etc. Well, there is a lot of snow. Lots of wind this weekend, bitter wind chill. On Saturday Mt.Snow in Wilimington, Vermont shut down. Too much wind. Some…

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Text Messaging the Departed

  Remember my last post about my dear friend’s quick departure from this world? The shock has worn off and I got around to looking over my Quickbooks she just updated and then I received the bill. She left me the highest bill ever and besides, she forgot to enter two social security checks and…

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Departing This World in a Hurry

You’re divorced, the kids are gone, your best friends have moved away or expired, and you, like them, drop dead. So who cares? This happened to a dear friend of mine in the past week. She died in bed, and was found a few days later. The disconnect was sudden, surprising and a shock. She…

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