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Archive for March 2011

The Woman of the Dream Kiss

We had just left an exhibition opening at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, and we were walking down a length of wide steps to the street. My friend was a little taller than my shoulder. Raven black hair fell to her shoulders; it was parted in the middle and she was always brushing it…

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Going Bust in Vermont

Gas for my car is, at the local station, $3.49 a gallon. Propane just went up another 50 cents so I am paying $3.60 a gallon and it is going higher. Some have paid $5.00 a gallon. My property taxes are increasing due to a new fire station. Even vegetables in the supermarket have escalated…

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New Darkroom Enlarging Paper and Why I’m in the Dark

Yes, this photographer is going back in the darkroom. Many dismantled their wet process space and sold the equipment. I didn’t so my Zone VI enlarger, Aristo head, long sink and Jobo ATL 1500 film developer are in place. I am making editions of prints limited to six, starting with a few of my images…

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A Letter from New Mexico

A friend sent me this note —one person’s opinion which reflects more on how our government has supported dictators and their military muscle rather than the people. “I wish Egypt would go away. We’ve been sending them billions of dollars every year and now we have to up the amount to the trillions because they…

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