So we all know about how fuel oil and gas is decimating our love of country living in a harsh climate and many are well aware of the cost of hamburger, pork and steak at the chain grocery stores. Now here’s something else you can do to alleviate the pain and go native: do your own butchering.

Don’t know where to start? Cole Ward, will show you to do cut up a side of beef, pork or lamb. He has taken his 45 years experience as a butcher and put it in a two DVD set— The Gourmet Butcher …from Farm to Table…

This is the only how-to-butcher DVD I know of. Cole is the resident butcher at Green Top Market in Morrisville, Vermont (802.888.8883). He has worked in supermarkets and became weary of butchering mediocre cuts and moved to specialty
butcher shops (like La Frieda Prime Meats in LA where he served Hollywood stars) before he returned to his home state of Vermont.

Paired with Cole in his DVD is Chef Courtney Contos, who in one clip takes a freshly cut slab of flat iron steak and turns it into a steak au poivre.

It would be worth it to watch the DVD a couple of times, or better yet set up a screen when you are operating.
The Gourmet Butcher sells for $29.95 and is available through Cole Ward also has a blog— —which has video clips of the DVD plus a number of tips you would expect from a gourmet butcher.

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