When I was released, after a heart attack, from UVM Medical Center (read Fletcher Allen Hospital). I was told I needed pills called Clopidogrel or otherwise known as Plavix. It was to keep my new stents in good shape. I was told the pills were not expensive and available on the ground floor. So I went down and asked for the medication and was shocked when the price was $167.07 for thirty 75 mg pills. This was not for Plavix but, as written on the receipt, a substitute for Plavix—a generic. Good old Clopidogrel. Sounds like doggy poo.
I was to take this pill one a day for a year, for the cost of $2004.84. NOT CHEAP! So of course I called up Costco and asked their price for this medication (full name clopidogrel bisulfate). Their price was $20.33 for sixty 75mg pills. Yes $20.33 for not 30 pills but 60 pills! Costco’s total cost to me is $121.98. for a year’s supply. The hospital pharmacy would charge me  $1,882.82 more than Costco! I was scammed!

Does the hospital elevate all their prices that much? Is this why medical costs are so high? Or did Costco do me a big favor?

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