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Archive for August 2016

I am Vermont Poor

Peter Miller, 25 August We Vermonters who work for ourselves are suffering. Let’s put it this way. The average Vermonter has very little disposable income. State, town, school taxes and fees, property and school taxes, the 5th highest electrical rate in the country, above average costs of fuel oil, propane and gas make us…

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The Vanishing Vermonter…The Loss of a Rural Culture

We have nailed the title for my new book. At least my advisors say this title is much better than one I don’t want to mention. I must have been in a morbid mood! Publication of the new book is expected about May 1, 2017. In it will be  an essay in the front about the fragility of our…

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The First Day I Walked With Beauty

The other day I was matting some photographs and had inserted in my cassette Dvorjak’s Ninth Symphony. It was quiet in my studio and I listened carefully and admired again the fire, the soft sweetness and the beauty of this New World Symphony. I have heard it so many times but I always soar with it.…

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