That’s my mantra, part of a beautiful poem of the Navajo people. One walk this fall snatched  that experience. I posted it on Facebook, but thought it should be here…

Some think I’m a good photographer but what I really have is an eye for the weather. Couple of weeks ago, in the afternoon, I noticed a fast change in the temperature. Sky was roiled with clouds coming in from Canada ; a patch of blue exposed itself momentarily in the north. I knew prime time could happen, so I quickly drove to Gregg Hill to a scene I have photographed in different seasons, parked in Lyon’s driveway, set the camera up on a tripod and waited out this small squall. Rain sputtered, I stayed under the hatch of the car, protecting my small camera, a Sony, from a wet demise. Then the rain stopped, the clouds swirled and a crack in the sky opened and the sun broke through like a spotlight, brightened and focused on the center of the view of a pasture in front of me turning it into brilliant color. Camera up, tripod anchored, I began shooting as a flock of turkeys squabbled through my photos (Damn–the turkeys were not in position when the searchlight was illuminating the pasture.). I had about two minutes of prime time before the sun was extinguished by dark clouds. Went home exhilarated.

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  1. Susanne on December 5, 2016 at 2:29 am

    This is an amazing shot. I like that it resembles an oil painting. Gorgeous!

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