Jesus Light blesses Gregg Hill Road , Waterbury Center, Vermont

I Walk in Beauty

Realigning a Photographer’s Path

I am an author, photographer and self-publisher. I have written seven books combining writing and photography—creating concepts, finding subjects, interviewing, researching, editing, photographing and selecting the images. Also I worked with a designer and editor, raising money and on it went. Some bad moments stressed me out in making my last book Vanishing Vermonters, so much that my health teetered, my psyche was restless and lacked a compass. NEVER AGAIN WILL I BE LOCKED TO A COMPUTER FOR SEVEN DAYS A WEEK FOR HALF A YEAR. I QUIT! (Yes it is my fault of course)

Since 1980 I published my own books as I could not find a publisher who would take a chance on me (I have since printed 47,000 books). I lost my path in publishing so I back-tracked to a Navajo prayer that I first read over 20 years ago—I Walk in Beauty. Some Vermonters use the term Jesus Light to describe an almost spiritual glow that we sometimes witness or see in an image. My compass led me to this sharp moment of beauty. The Vermont environment and faces of our people convey not only beauty but our humanity. At least here in Vermont.

So, the path begins here:

First, drop the past. In too many cases it is money that directs this world. I really don’t fit. So I have to sell all the remaining books I have written to survive in this beautiful but too expensive state. (Note: I will run out shortly of Vermont Farm Women and the hardcover of Vanishing Vermonters.

Fourth. Keep on writing and creating photographs which is the passion of my life—to communicate. They will be in my blog instead of a book. I will do books if other publishers will do the nitty gritty. I have two coffee table books to do, one on Paris and the other on Margaux wine harvest, both photographed in 1957. I am searching for a European publisher.

Fifth. Create photograph portfolios of fine art prints. Take up platinum printing. Keep following the beauty path (I did that yesterday. I went back to a scene nearby where the farmer has pastured his heifers. First time light was no good. Went back yesterday and there was almost Jesus Light— “The cattle were standing like statues. ” That image is now engraved in my psyche with all the others.

Sixth. Keep it simple.

Along the Path of beauty


  1. george abetti on October 15, 2019 at 11:33 pm

    This is beyond exquisite Peter–brought me to tears this morning.
    Do you have this for sale in print form–around in at least 11×17 size?

  2. Michael O Donnell on October 17, 2019 at 12:18 pm

    Hi Peter,
    Great to see you out and about doing great work with your camera. Keep at it, Peter, it’s therapy for us all. Lovely to see George parting with some of his money, buying a big print, ha ha. I have most of Vanishing Vermonter’s read, and enjoyed the stories, and your photographs, very much. Good health to you and keep going as long as you can ,
    All the best,
    Michael in Donegal, Ireland.

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