A Jersey calf on George Woodard’s farm

We’re all in this together. Locked down by Covid, not making any cash flow, how are we going to pay our bills?

So I have created this Survival Sale. Today I’m offering this limited edition print (#1 of 9) of George Woodard’s Jersey calf. The sale ends at 8:00PM on Tuesday, June 2. First come, first served!

George Woodard has been milking Holsteins for over 45 years on his farm in Waterbury, Vermont. While I took this photo in his barn, the following conversation ensued:

“George”, I said, “it sure looks like a Jersey.”
“See that there?”, said George. “Jerseys don’t have that.”
“See what?”
“That there… My herd’s mixed up. Always been that way…”
He hands me a glass of cooler milk.
“Don’t hurt the milk does it?”

14″ x 17”, printed on Canson 17″ x 22” paper. Black & White pigment print print.

Retail Price: $180.  Survival Sale price: $140 plus $10 shipping & handling and 6% Vermont sales tax if you’re a Vermonter. You may also pick it up at my studio in Waterbury, Vermont, and save the shipping cost.

The sale ends at 8:00PM on Tuesday, June 2.

If you’re interested in purchasing this print, please email me at  peter@petermillerphotography.com or call 802.272.8851

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