A farrier’s blackened hands

We’re all in this together. Locked down by Covid, not making any cash flow, how are we going to pay our bills?

So I have created this Survival Sale. Today I’m offering this limited edition print (#1 of 9) of a farrier’s work-blackened hands. The sale ends at 8:00PM on Tuesday, June 30. First come, first served!

David Rooney has one of the highest sugar bushes in Vermont, running up the lee flank of Mt. Mansfield near Mud City Loop road. His Fancy is so clear and so sweet that David drinks it straight. He hired this young man to drive the sledge around the bush as gatherers dumped buckets of sap into the sap tank. For years I tagged along, camera in hand. I noticed the sledge driver’s hands were almost black. He showed me the palms. “I’m a farrier,” he said. Coal dust had turned his palms into a map.  

14″ x 17”, printed on Canson 17″ x 22” paper. Black & White pigment print print.

Retail Price: $180.  Survival Sale price: $140 plus $10 shipping & handling and 6% Vermont sales tax if you’re a Vermonter. You may also pick it up at my studio in Waterbury, Vermont, and save the shipping cost.

The sale ends at 8:00PM on Tuesday, June 30.

If you’re interested in purchasing this print, please email me at  peter@petermillerphotography.com or call 802.272.8851

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