My survival series is doing well. You are gaining first look images that I have found in my archive and made into an edition of nine. I lowered the price so you could afford a work of art and I am gaining some respect with my creditors. Fuel oil and propane is the real killer and combine that with the mortgage and we should be hollering “Help!” to Ethan Allen. The lower rungs of the income ladder, with few exceptions, are artists like me. Tant pis.

The first Flag image was a one-of-a-kind that I printed in the darkroom in the last century. I used a paper called Agfa Brovira, which had a warm tone and a rough surface. It was perfect for my style of hand coloring, which is to use only Marshall colored pencils, my thumb to smear the color into the paper and other times to etch a stronger color, as in the American Flag. I also used a white eraser pencil to clear borders. The main subject of the image receives the hand coloring—a hat, skin color, jackets, plaid shirts (the devil of a job). The American flag was accented in this image and the lawn trees were kept muted.

The one-of-a-kind was sold for $350. Because so many wanted the flag I decided to do a reproduction. Ward Rice, my exemplar printer, copied it using his 4x5 image back. In the one-of-a-kind I wrote in pencil the caption on archival board and then pasted it onto the lower horizontal border of the original. In the reproduction Ward copied the caption digitally and incorporated it into the print’s border.

I made a limited edition of nine with a Survivor’s Sales price of $150. If any of the edition are not sold by the deadline, the price goes to $180. Would sure be nice to get out of debt but Vermont government and the Feds take their pound of flesh from artists and other artisans who have the creative passion.

The image size is 10” x 15”, printed on Canson 13” x 19” paper. The image is a color pigment print.

Retail Price: $180. Survival Sale price: $150 plus $10 shipping & handling and 6% Vermont sales tax if you’re a Vermonter. You may also pick it up at my studio in Waterbury, Vermont, and save the shipping cost. We take PayPal or call Peter 802.272.8851.