Moonset Over Mt. Mansfield

Moonset over Mt. Mansfield

Greetings Friends,

With COVID-19 still raging in Vermont, I’m locked in my garret and keeping a low profile. Here’s another “Survival Sale” item for your consideration!

The sun was a sliver of pink as it crested the Worcester Range and laid down an ascending brilliance over the foothills of Mt. Mansfield. The moon was full and would sink behind the summit while the rising sun turned the top of the mountain crimson in a way my 4×5 film and lens could never capture. Not a whimper of wind disturbed a layer of new snow. The temperature was climbing into the twenties—a beautiful ski day.       

 I cross-country skied to the center of a pasture to set up my camera with an unobstructed view of Mt. Mansfield and took a pan of the mountain. Then I hurried to the Mountain, switched skis and boots and rode the lift up and skied to a drop-off where I could look down at the Nosedive. When it was free of any skier I set off carving long GS turns, my face burning with wind generated by my speed. Non-stop all the way. At the run-off I dropped into a downhill egg position to carry me back to the lift.  I made two more runs, and on the way home I listened to Dvorak’s New World Symphony that I swear was composed for Mt. Mansfield. At the time I was 40 years old, toughened by skiing, woodcock hunting, fishing and hiking.  For speed I rode the Nosedive.

Happy I am!
Me alone with the sun
Creamy blue sky
Speed and Mt. Mansfield rhythm!

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