Scottish Highlander enjoying winter

You know, that photographer who does the books? Well I just turned 87 and it is time to downsize big time!

So starting this Saturday, November 13 at 10:00, at my Colbyville home across from the Hong Kong restaurant, I am selling a a bunch of stuff:

  • 44 inch Samsung TV, used one half hour
  • winter tires
  • kitchen ware
  • a Persian hall way rug
  • a custom-made light table 7' long adaptable to standing or sitting
  • photo equipment from the darkroom
  • sleeping bag
  • backpacks made for photography
  • A bunch of photographs going back a half century
  • track lighting fixtures and bulbs
  • a C&H mat cutter
  • hunting (or blackberry picking) chaps

Oh so many other items that I no longer need and my books too! And low, low stupidly low prices, I could go on but …

Sale on Saturday at Peter Miller’s home 20 Crossroad facing Route 100 in Waterbury, two houses south of Ben&Jerry’s on the west side. See my new virtual gallery on my blog at I have closed my brick and mortar gallery, killed by Covid! Now it is my studio.

Hope to see you Saturday!


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