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Out on the street for Peter? No!

Dear Folks,

This is Peter Miller, the photographer and author. I have written six books on Vermont, starting with Vermont People in 1990 but have been documenting rural Vermont since 1951. I am known for my black and white images of Vermont and our resilient people—my extended family. Photography is a calling— part of my soul. I search for beauty in a face and how light illuminates our hills and valleys

Unfortunately, like many of you, I have not had a great time recently, health and old age notwithstanding. My house has been sold and the original arrangement of me being able to stay until the end of my days is not to be – so 31st January 2023 may be the last of Peter Miller in my studio and home for the past 52 years.

This turbulence caused my first case of depression, but I fought my way out by making Ice Cream!! One must pay strict attention to the recipe or end up with ice cream frozen too hard or too slurpy. Following recipes is not easy for the Gonzo Chef but it has proved to be a great healing device. Plus, the fruit colors are pretty, and it brings back memories of churning the bucket and licking the spoon.

My career has been photojournalist and author (which I still am). Now I am placing online the best of my Vermont art to share with you, our children’s  children and those who want to understand why Vermont is…different. I am assembling a new archive of my art, books and recent images which can then be placed with a library, museum or university.

I need space for my working studio. Here I receive images from my printer Ward Rice (no need for me to have a darkroom), scan, edit, autograph, copy, place the images online, write a caption and mail prints. I use Dostis Brothers in Burlington to do framing and matting and I place finished prints on my wall to critique them. Clients make reservations to search my library or images created with a panoramic camera or just to chat or order prints online.  I use about 18x20 feet (flexible) and I prefer to rent. I also need a technician and curator to help organize and market my archive. And…I need someone to take over the business.

And then this thought buzzed about…why not donate my prints and my experience to set up a foundation to house and create the photography and videos that reveals the heart of Vermont – we have so many serious creatives to nudge along.

If you have any leads or ideas or people who might be interested, send your thoughts to me and we will see how we can share our small, intimate world.

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  1. Dave Jenkins on November 4, 2022 at 7:16 pm

    I’m kinda short on money and ideas, but I admire you for hanging in there. I not much younger than you, and like you, I plan to fight to the very end.

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