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I Walk in Beauty Realigning a Photographer’s Path I am an author, photographer and self-publisher. I have written seven books combining writing and photography—creating concepts, finding subjects, interviewing, researching, editing, photographing and selecting the images. Also I worked with a designer and editor, raising money and on it went. Some bad moments stressed me out…

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January 6 is my Birthday!

Hey, come visit me in my new, renovated gallery at 20 Crossroad, two houses south of Ben&Jerry’s Wonk House on Route 100. On the table are cava, apple cider, soda water, cookies, cheese, other goodies. Art on the wall, easy chairs, so converse, reminisce, read a book from my library, go through the bins or…

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A year and a half I spent, in a fury of concentration, creating Vanishing Vermonters. Some say it is my best book, more journalistic then documentary. I don’t care, I’m relieved that it is a postpartum factoid.  It pales about what I have to say: **************** What matters, in this harsh year, what  stabbed my…

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Happy Birthday to Me

So many happy birthdays. Yes, today, at 1.45 AM, 1934 I took my first breath. Oh yes, I am a flatlander who came to this state in 1947 with my mother, brother and sister. I knew the first day I was here that I had found my home. I felt it in my soul, I…

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Remembering Fred Tuttle

  It gives me succor to remember Fred Tuttle and the era in which he was the farmer-elect in the movie by John O’brien: The Man with the Plan. Fred died 13 years ago, give or take a few months. He made us laugh and we loved him for what he was, a simple farmer who…

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From the Gonzo Chef

FROM THE GONZO CHEF: Apple Pie à La Bridge on the River Kwai. It’s that time of year and after the second frost I pick the Macs and Braeburns, skin them with my old red Rube Goldberg peeler. Out comes my dinged Chinese cleaver and I slice the flesh neat. The Joy of Cooking is…

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