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The Vanishing Vermonter

Ordering the Vanishing Vermonter.

Readers of my previous blog( about my book project on the plight of the vanishing Vermonter (our way of life and our skinny pocketbooks) would like to pre-order books to help pay for the production of this book. So I have a price: THE VANISHING VERMONTER…AN ENDANGERED SPECIES You may have read my previous post about setting…

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The Vanishing Vermonter…an Endangered Species I mentioned in my last post that I am creating a book project with the working title The Vanishing Vermonter…An Endangered Species. This book will be a witness to how our state is being reshaped. The Vanishing Vermonter is your book—you the Vermonters who made our homeland what it is with your hands, mind,…

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