Print Pricing

We have several pricing levels depending upon size and archival quality. Our Shop offers our "Best Seller" portfolio in Economy Pricing. If you'd like Collector's Quality prints, please contact the photographer directly.

To Mat or not to Mat:

More clients are requesting that the photographs they buy are not matted. Many have their favorite framers they consult who may suggest a startling white board, or a  deeper dimension vertically or horizontally. An informative article was published online by which I found helpful. So the prints I offer here are not matted. It allows you to be creative with the art work you buy and intend to display in your home or office.

Economy Pricing Giclée Prints

8" x 10" not matted: $70.00.

These prints are giclée made with an Epson printer on an 8" x 10" sheet of Hahnemuhle 320 gram 100% cotton  rag  archival paper. All our prints in this category are printed on this excellent paper. The print is titled on the left bottom and initialed by me on the bottom right. On the reverse side of the print is my stamp, the date when the photograph was taken and when it was printed. Also included is my copyright. The print is not matted but slipped into a clear plastic envelope.

12" x 16" not matted: $140.00

The print is a giclée made on a 12" x 16" Hahnemuhle cotton rag. The print is titled on the left corner of the print and I sign my full name on the right corner. On the reverse is my stamp, the date when the photo was taken and when the print was made and other provenance information. It is sleeved in a clean archival envelope with backing. 

16" x 20" not matted: $275.00

This print is also a giclée made on a 16" x 20" Hahnemuhle archival cotton rag, and I again title the print and sign my full name. On the back is my stamp, the date when the print was taken and made, what process was used, my copyright stamp and again my signature and sleeved in an archival envelope with backing.

Collector’s Quality Silver Gelatin Prints

These prints are made with Ilfobrome silver gelatin paper and processed in a darkroom environment. They can be printed up to 40"x 60" size or according to your custom specifications. If wanted, we mount them on 8 ply Alpharag or Crescent photo rag archival board. They are titled and signed. Each print is toned according to specifications of the photographer.

For further information on Collector's Prints, please email Peter at: