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September Update, old and new projects.

        Below is an update on what has happened with my latest book, A Lifetime of Vermont People and further down the column are links to my new book projects.  There were many reviews and articles but the closest to my heart were the personal messages from people who were moved by the…

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So Why Did I Have My Second Toe Lopped off?

What an awful, awful arrival of the new year. In early January I jetted to Florida for vacation with my daughter who flew in from London (for my 80th birthday, My God, there are deep holes in my relativity!). Got bumped by Jet Blue three times, had to drive to Canada to get any flight…

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A Lifetime of Vermont People

For 60 years Peter Miller has photographed and written about the character that makes Vermont. First it was Vermont People, then Vermont Farm Women, and Vermont Gathering Places. And finally… On Monday, 18 March, 2013, we FedExed and emailed to our printer, EBS of Verona, Italy, the scans and InDesign layouts of our new book,…

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